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The Editorial Board


Guidelines for the Editorial Board of National Cheng Kung University Press of NCKU Research and Development Foundation

Passed by the 164rd board meeting on 27, March, 2019.
Approved by the President on 3, April, 2019.


1. Objectives

NCKU Research and Development Foundation (the NCKU Foundation) organized the “NCKU Press Editorial Board” (the editorial board) in order to strictly follow principals of academic ethics and to publish academic achievements of NCKU, the NCKU Foundation, and other academic organizations.

2. Missions

  1. Set academic publication principals and the business policy of NCKU Press.
  2. Promote and guide NCKU Press business. Other regulations related to applications, publications and academic reviews will be formulated by NCKU Press.
  3. Set standards for academic publication, transmission, authorization, transfer, and related reviews.
  4. Recommend and confirm anonymous reviewers, and then determine whether a manuscript is qualified for publication based on the review results.

3. The editorial board qualification and terms of office

  1. The editorial board comprises of 5 to 13 members. The CEO of NCKU Foundation serves as the convener, who will invite scholars from various academic fields to serve as members on the editorial board. Their appointment will be approved by the President of the NCKU Foundation.
  2. The term of office for the editorial board members is two years and they are eligible for extending another term if necessary.

4. Operation

  1. The editorial board has to hold at least one meeting annually, and more than half of the editorial board members are required to attend the meetings. Motions will be granted through the consensus of more than half of the attendees.
  2. Related business affairs can be transmitted and communicated through e-mails, phones, and conference calls. The editorial board convener will hold interim meetings if necessary.
  3. NCKU Press is in charge of executing the administrative affairs of the editorial board.

5. Execution

These guidelines will be implemented after the approval at the executive meeting of the NCKU Foundation. Amendments will be approved at the same meeting.