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Guidelines for National Cheng Kung University Press and Cultural Creative Center of NCKU Research and Development Foundation

Passed by the 123rd board meeting on 26, May, 2014.
Passed by the 126th board meeting on 23, September, 2014.


  1. In order to disseminate academic publications and the achievements of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and to develop its cultural and creative products, NCKU Research and Development Foundation (the NCKU Foundation) founded National Cheng Kung University Press and Cultural Creative Center (the NCKU Center) in 2014.
  2. The business activities of the NCKU Center are as follows:

a. Book publication and promotion.

b. Development and promotion of cultural and creative products.

c. Online platform and brand management.

d. Technology commercialization and services.

e. Community service and cultural creative design education.

f. Application and promotion of cultural creative products.

  1. The CEO of the NCKU Foundation will recommend a proper director who is responsible for supervising the business of the NCKU Center. The Director of the NCKU Center must be approved by the President of the NCKU Foundation. 
  2. Business divisions of the NCKU Center: NCKU Press, cultural creation division, online shop, and management division.
  3. The managers of each division are responsible for the business affairs of their respective division. Based on workload, the managers are authorized to hire assistants, group members, and part-time employees.
  4. The NCKU Center is expected to achieve financial independence within five years. During its development, the NCKU Foundation will fund the wages of five full-time employees (including the Director of the NCKU Center), three part-time employees, and work-related expenses. All budget requests must be audited and approved at the NCKU Foundation board meetings. The NCKU Center is responsible for raising money to cover funding shortfalls.
  5. 20% of the revenue of the NCKU Center will be distributed to the NCKU Foundation. Annual income and expense will be reported quarterly at the NCKU Foundation board meetings.
  6. Other managerial responsibilities will be formulated by the NCKU Center or will be set forth in accordance with the NCKU Foundation regulations.
  7. These guidelines will be implemented after the approval at the NCKU Foundation’s executive meeting. Amendments will be approved that time as well.