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The primary objective of National Cheng Kung University Press (NCKU Press) is to publish academic publications and research results while embracing its missions to bridge teachers, research groups, and readers. Providing professional reviews and publication resources, NCKU Press publishes primarily academic works, along with general titles in order to foster academic achievements at NCKU and promote NCKU’s academic success as one of the world’s top universities.

  • Enhancing the quality of academic publication

NCKU Press employs the highest professional standard for reviewing each submission by the editorial board, which comprises outstanding scholars and experts from many academic fields. For more application details and reviews information, please check “Application for Publication” on the NCKU Center website.

  • Promoting digital publication

Coordinating with domestic digital platform companies, NCKU Press plans to digitalize outstanding academic works, which involves granting a non-exclusive publishing license to extend digital repository services. Please check “Digital Books” on the NCKU Center website.

  • Fostering the local and international link

In addition to inviting more international scholars to join the editorial board, NCKU Press encourages faculty members and research groups at NCKU to cooperate with international scholars and to publish academic works in English. Please check “Book Division” to find more bibliographical references.